Our vision is our commitment to road safety, innovation and quality of our technologies.

The great architecture of the Trailer Vision product range stems from our most important asset – our people who are skilled in the art of making innovative creations and pride the themselves on the Trailer Vision name.


Trailer Vision has secured world wide patents and designs for its creative ideas in the automotive field and has continued research and development projects in the interests of road safety.


Trailer Vision was established in 1998 in order to develop road safety products for trailers.

The company identified a special need for trailer safety monitoring systems and accessories to be developed, manufactured and marketed to the consumer, thus creating road safety awareness to the general community. Design research and development was all accommodated at the Maclean headquarters which involved many resources both near and far, including support from government bodies who recognized the need for improving safety standards on our roads.

Trailer Visions hard earned ideas, developments and designs were granted sealed patents, manufacturing commenced and the company is producing a wide range of monitoring systems, electrical testing equipment, battery charging and isolation systems and other accessories. Trailer Vision now has a number of Distributors who highly recommend its products and service to any customer with a need for trailer safety and professional testing equipment.


New demands are constantly occurring in this field, and as this happens, our research and development team is committed to finding solutions for these needs. In the essence of new developments and broad horizons trailer vision will no doubt search for more skilled people to take on board, and embellish more structures to support new needs of road safety technology.


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