Developement &

Trailer Vision has recognised that future investment in R&D needs to be strategically balanced between maintaining and enhancing the sustainable competitiveness of products for Road safety. As well as developing new and emerging products that will bring maximum economic, social and environmental returns to Trailer Vision and the community.

Coordinated Approach

To achieve this balance, a coordinated approach has been developed to target research and development in areas which contribute to improving safety for road users that haul equipment.

Development & Implementation

Trailer Visions priorities and the development and implementation of products aim to create public awareness of looking beyond the present and plan for the future.

Focus Vision

Trailer Vision focuses on meeting the demands and needs of the community by creating awareness of Road Safety – The technology is primarily designed to prevent road accidents and increase the safety of vehicles which tow trailers.

Continuously Adapting to Industries

This safety aspect not only applies to the vehicle in which the technology is fitted to, but the driver and passengers, and other drivers and passengers who use the road, creating an overall increased road safety status relevant to hauling or towing vehicles.

While the project is being conducted, there may be need for customized applications and versions of this technology. This will allow continuation of research and development of new products based on additional needs and demands. Such as Innovations of Monitoring and Warning Systems that can be developed to suit other electrical circuits in a vehicle or trailer, this will further improve of the safety of the consumer.

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